Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seasons Change & Hearts Grow Fonder

Four years.

with my favorite.

Four years.

to grow.

four years.

is only the beginning.

Bottom right corner: 15 yr old us the weekend we met in 2000 at a big outdoor christian concert

Pink dress= My senior prom ('02) : Black dress= Mikey's senior prom ('03)

This was 2005 after Michael graduated basic training <3 a man in uniform :)

Four years ago, I married my best friend. 4 years of marriage bliss! We've had our share of growing pains but we are growing & learning together and better for it. I am so glad I married this man! He is full of love and has so much grace with me and my attitudes. He would give his life for his family. He serves us. He works hard. He loves the Lord. He loves to bless. He is mine.

Looking back over the past 4 years, I am overwhelmed by all the memories and change that has taken place in our lives. We are so incredibly blessed! I look forward to new memories made on this awesome journey we are taking. 

*wedding photos by, Laura Olson @ In His Grace Photography

*wedding photos by, Laura Olson @ In His Grace Photography

Our Wedding Vows

I vow to be an understanding wife; submissive to you in all things as unto the Lord. 
 I vow to live in purity and devotion to you.
 I vow to keep a peaceful, caring, welcoming home; striving always to bear the fruits of the Spirit; love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness & self-control. 
 I vow to be your helper, lover, encourager & friend: delighting in loving you with a tender, affectionate love.
 I vow all things not only to honor you but most importantly, to live a life that brings glory to the gospel, my gracious Savior & the foundation for our marriage, Jesus Christ.
I, Sarah, by God's grace, vow to you, Michael, the following words for as long as we both live

*wedding photos by, Laura Olson @ In His Grace Photography

*wedding photos by, Laura Olson @ In His Grace Photography

Michael, I want you to know that I love you and respect you waaaaay more than I can express! You are a loving daddy, a gorgeous, hottie husband- my favorite and my best. You bless my life and I am eternally grateful for you. You are the butter to my bread and the ice in my mcd coke. You are my better half. Happy Anniversary, Papa Cain <3 

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  1. Michael, you grew into our family, starting 11 years ago and becoming "official" four years ago today. We are so blessed to know you, and to see the way you take care of Sarah and your beautiful family. Its amazing to see the man of God you have become.

    Sarah, you are such an inspiration to me, both as my sister, as a wife and mother, and as a sister-in-Christ. I was blessed when God brought you into my life (even though it took me many years to realize it!) I love you, little sister.

  2. beautiful, beautiful photos (love all the wedding ones!)

    so glad you joined us this week :)


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