Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Birthday Princess

Words will never do justice for the amazing friend I have in the beautiful lady I will be highlighting today.   It has been my honor to know and love this girl for the past.... I can't believe I am typing this... 18 years! YIKES! haha :) Seriously though, she is amazing...

Our relationship began as so... She thought I was a spoiled, whiny, brat. My dad (through her dad) invited her to my birthday party. And then she loved me :) (well it went something like that...) Either way, here we are many years later, miles and miles apart but better friends than ever. 

We share names, ages & our birthdays are on the same day of the month-5 months apart... TODAY happens to be her's :)  Sarah is one of the most beautiful, creative, loving, genuine, joyful, blessed women I know. She is honest, sarcastic, original, determined and successful. Wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend. She loves Jesus more than words can describe and her love for her family comes in 2nd. She smiles and laughs more than most.

Years ago, we were little girls dressing up, having adventures and dreaming of our lives when we "grew up" (you know, like when we turn 20 and stuff- haha). Our husbands would be best friends, our children would be best friends and we would all hang out in our connected backyard because, DUH, we were going to live next door to each other ;) Reality may look a little different than our dreams but our husbands are friends, my son adores those Lutz kiddos... we just need to work on connecting our backyards :)

Hundreds of miles and years apart. 
I love you, Sarah Elizabeth! 
You are a beautiful reflection of Christ's love
An inspiration to so many! 
Miss you! 

Happy Birthday
Princess Sarah!!!

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