Monday, October 10, 2011

Did you know??

Did you know...

You can freeze pancakes. I know, that sort of seems like, duh! to some people. I guess I just never really thought about. I mean I buy frozen waffles, why can't I just make them and freeze them? I started considering this when I was going over in my head how I could help make some meals for my friend, Amanda (you can see why if you jump on over to check out her blog at Rambos Rampages).

The process was SUPER easy!

Have you seen these? My favorite is the Raspberry :)

Each box of mix really makes about 8-10 pancakes.

They make SUPER tasty pancakes!
Just follow the directions on the package for mixin up the pancakes :)

sorry its upside down but you will need both of these plus a ziplock bag

wax paper cut into squares to place between the pancakes
 I allowed my pancakes to cool on a wire rack before packaging them up. I thought it might help with condensation. Once cooled, I placed anywhere from 2-4 pancakes in aluminum foil w/ a piece of wax paper between each one.

I labeled each pack of cakes and then put all the packs in a gallon ziplock bag. I also put instructions for reheating right on the bag :) Reheat in microwave: stack 3 cakes on a plate, uncovered and heat for about 1 1/2 mins 


Oven: place a single layer of cakes on cookie sheet, cover tightly w/ foil and heat 375 for 8-10 mins. 

IMHO the oven method would take longer than just whipping up a batch fresh so we'll prob stick with the microwave)


all wrapped up, labeled and in the freezer :)
Maybe this was enlightening to you or maybe it was just a boring post you wish you'd never clicked on, either way... hope you have an amazing day and thanks for reading :)


  1. You don't remember doing this when we were little? You don't need the microwave, you can POP them in the toaster! So yummy...

  2. I make pancakes from scratch, let them cool, pop them all in a big ziploc, and pull one out at a time and stick them in the toaster! Perfecto! :)

  3. @chava- no, I don't remember

    @Krystle- well I'd never done it before and since I was doing it for someone else, I wanted to be sure they would keep and not freezer burn... I will definitely do it your way next time! (although I really like my jiffy mixes, they are super yummy, haha)

  4. this is good to know, my husband loves pancakes. i oddly dont. i've tried to like them but i just dont. this will be good for when he just wants one or two...since he's the only one eating them ;) lol. xoxo


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