Monday, October 17, 2011

onety one months.

I cannot believe those sweet little womb mates will be 1 year old in less than a month! Can I tell you something??? My heart could burst every time I look at these little egg split miracles. Also, how cool is it that God just helps our hearts to grow and grow to fit all the love we give for our littles?? I am just amazed every day... sometimes every moment. Thank you, Jesus for letting me experience this kind of love- especially knowing you love them more than I am capable of loving them. They truly are a double portion and overwhelmingly wonderful blessings!

Just this weekend, on their 11 month birthday, the girls had their 2nd overnight away from mama&papa (it was only malakai's 3rd). They stayed with their Aunt "Doty" (Dorothy) so that we could celebrate our anniversary Renn Fest style! (YAY) It was such a kind gift and we are so grateful for her willingness to care for 3under3! whew!

The past month has consisted of a lot of playing, laughing, eating and all around fun! Both sisters mostly prefer to feed themselves at this point. They will put up w/ mush on a spoon for a few mins but grow impatient for the "real" stuff.

Ava loves to shake her head "no" and even said, "no!" to Aunt D. She especially enjoys telling Lilly no when she starts to spit her food (YUCK!). Ava will point to your nose and mouth upon demand. She likes to point and loves to say Pop-Pop and Da-da. 

Lilly is liking to say, "bye-byes" and loves to wave. She is the sweetest little door greeter you'll ever meet! She is pretty laid back but definitely knows what she wants (and will let you know). She is seriously a climber! She will climb anything to get on the couch-makes for a very busy mama! Lilly is also saying Da-da. She really becoming a big time Daddy's girl- which is too sweet for words! 

haha :)

Papa-Daddy is looking at investing in an engraved shot-gun for each of his precious girls ;) 

Mama&Papa this time last year
We loved you before hello 

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  1. We were happy to keep them! Those girls had so much fun, and slept so well! I didn't expect big brother to have more trouble, but we all had a good time. :)

  2. Aw :) love those girls. wish i got to see them (and you) more often! Happy almost birthday, girls!!

  3. womb mates :) thats the best, my friend just had twins and i'm totally going to tell her about that. lol.

  4. Onety One :) I know that verbage. You spent too much time here with Math U See :) LOL


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