Thursday, September 15, 2011

10... TEN... 10... TEN months!

It is so hard for me to believe that my 5lb twin babies are ten months old! This time last year, they were still so tiny in my belly (although my belly wasn't so tiny). Today they are working on 16lbs and getting around quite well.  This time last year they needed me to help them grow- they were literally connected to me- today they can feed themselves (although they do still need me to breastfeed). So much changes in such a small window of time. They have gone from fetus to baby to little girls in no time flat. (well 10 months to be exact-HA!)

Ava is really showing herself to be the little ham and really loves to pick at people. She has us laughing all the time. Her favorite pass times are pulling her sister's hair, shirt, face... etc- point is, she is always touching her sister. When she isn't pestering Lils, she is probably working on Malakai... much to his dismay much of the time. haha. She likes to yell and smile and eat... oh yeah and stand on her head.

Lilly tends to be a bit quieter than Ava. She knows what she wants and very determined. Lilly (otherwise known as Lils) is sweet as can be and loves to cuddle. She loves to stand holding onto the wine rack in the kitchen. Whenever I walk in the room to get her out of bed, she lights up! Her smiles are contagious and her pigtails are adorable :)

Some firsts this month... Both girls are now crawling on their hands & knees. Lilly had only a couple of days up on Ava :) Ava is now pulling up on EVERYTHING! Having both girls pulling up has made bath time quite the workout :) We all experienced our first hurricane this past month... good 'ole Irene :) First time meeting some family... The girls met their cousins James, Jamie, James Jr & Kayla... They also met some family I hadn't even met before- Uncle Gary, Tina, and shoot I can't remember her daughter's name (but she was completely adorable :)). They attended their 1st wedding- Congrats Uncle Kevin & Aunt Andi and cousin Liam!!! :):):) Ava likes to yell, "aaaaaat." She also is pointing at all kinds of things and just a couple days ago started pointing at noses on command :) (she also enjoys putting her finger up her own nose-haha) Lilly says, "oooooow!" We're pretty sure she even says it in context- maybe a first word :) Both girls are saying, "mammamamamommy" and "heeeey" (imagine high pitched and totally adorable). They like to sign "all done" and clap and can wave. Peek-a-boo is a favorite game. They love to read books. We are also seeing little attitudes emerge and definitely understanding, "no, no" :) If you take something away, they protest. Lots of first outfits as we finally have them (mostly) in 6-9 mo clothes- they are such little munchkins :) (not that I'm complaining!)

This past month has FLOWN by and it is such a joy to be right in the middle of their little lives. This age is so neat because they grow and change so quickly! Their personalities are really coming through, they recognize you and begin to show real affection. Every day (although maybe not every moment) with them makes my heart smile! I just love it! I truly am one blessed mama!!!

This is Ava doing her head stand :) It cracks me up how she looks around while she is upside down :) haha (please ignore the ornery 2 yr old and stern daddy voice at the end-lol)

One last 1st learned on their 10 month birthday :) This is sure to make you smile... if you have a heart... haha


  1. Love those girls!! And their very-2-year-old brother too :) My daughter's ornery stage lasted from conception-5 1/2 years old so good luck with that :) Love you guys!! And Happy 10 months Ava and Lilly!!!

  2. Haha, your wee girls are so clever!! (Love the headstands!) I cant wait till my boy starts moving round a bit more!! (Although i might change my mind when it happens!) Keep up the amazing work your doing with your gorgeous family!

  3. They are BEAUTIFUL!! My son just turned ten months as well. What an exciting age! Our children, what a gift from God!! Your pictures are amazing.


  4. Twins! And they're lovely!! Love the names, too.

  5. Hi there!! Stopping over from Mama and the Dudes! My son is 3 and my twin boys are 7 months! Just a few months behind you! Stop by my blog sometime! :)
    Looking forward to following you!

  6. We are really enjoying them right now :) Sometimes I wish for them to go back to staying where I left them and sometimes I wish they could walk :) Really though, I want to enjoy them how they are right now :)


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