Thursday, September 22, 2011

Was it Bob or BOB?!

Second blog post for the day because on her birthday, this girl deserves a post dedicated all to her :) Meet one of my VERY bffs. 12 years ago, this month, I met Lynsay. She was hyper and crazy and talked about her boobs. I had no intention of becoming her friend- much less her BEST friend. Here we are, 12 years later... through a lot of junk and boys and now 600 miles, we still have a special bond. 


 Let me tell you a bit about this girl...
She is beautiful. She doesn't think so but she is.
She is caring, loving, nurturing & hilarious.
She is original. She is interesting.
She is intelligent.

She changes her hair more than most people.
She is a dancer. And a darn good one.
She laughs. A. Lot.

She's a mama to Satchmo and Jazzy.
She is sissy to Jason, Jennifer & David.
She is daughter to Bill and Janie.
She is girlfriend to Michael.
She is friend to too many to name.

She is a friend.
She is fun.
She is woman.
She IS the gun show :)

She is Lynsay.
She is Miss Lynsay.
She is Lynz.
She is Pancake.
She is Lamby.
She is Ni-Ni.

Lynsay is loved. Even when she doesn't feel it or believe it.  She is loved.
She is special. 
She loooves love.

Happy Birthday, girl. Wish I could be there to celebrate... bring you a balloon and flowers. 
I miss you.

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