Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Favorite Things Edition

Some favorite things right now... in no particular order... well actually in the order of the photos but the photos are not in the order of how favorite they are :)

#1 That handsome man: My husband. Michael.

#2 That look: You know the one the groom makes the moment he sees his bride coming down the isle?

#3 That moment: When two become One.

#4 That dance: The one where I danced w/ my son and all he wanted was... #5

#5 That love: Uncle love.

#6&7 That excitement: The way my son gets when he goes to see his cousins.

#8 That photo: (and my husband for taking it) Malakai & his Papaw on a tractor. Two MAJOR favs of his.

#9 That time: When my little baby suddenly became a little girl w/ those adorable piggies.

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