Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We Encourage: Take a Moment

Take a moment.

A moment to remember.

Remember being a child.

Do not forget. 

Forget where we came from.

Forget what life looked like at 3ft. tall.

There was a time when the world was new. 

New to you.

New to me.

Try to remember.

Just try.

With all your might.

Are you too jaded?

Hurt? Afraid? 

Old (and gray)?

The world was big.

Bikes were faster.

Everything towered.


Is it coming back to you?

I hope its coming back.

Life seemed simple.

and complicated.

But good.

Lightening bugs. Puddles.

Falling leaves and snow.

Bruises, scrapes and new friends.

Would I go back?

If I could?

Would you?


So unaware.


Fingers in the dirt.

Feet in mud.

Taking it all in.

I remember.

For now.

Yesterday? Tomorrow? 

Trucks and trains.

Dolls and dresses.

Life was good.

Faith like a child.

What does that mean?

Free. Pure. Vulnerable.

Don't want to?


I get it.


Arms. Wide.


Hugs and Kisses.

X's and O's.

Love. Pure love.

Take a moment.

A moment to remember.

Remember being a child.

This was inspired by my son. Everyday I watch him play and it takes me back. Back to simple days that maybe didn't always seem so simple. Days where my biggest decision was which tree to climb... first :) Come on, you know thats a tough choice ;)  Not that we didn't struggle or have our disfunctions as a family but we had love and fun. I was blessed.  I realize that many people do not have such a fortunate past and the memories are not so dear. I also know a REDEEMER that loves us and redeems what was lost or stolen. He is the perfect father, friend, lover and savior. 

Let me encourage you today to remember. Take an account of the blessings from your redeemer and friend. Remember the faith you had as a little one. The vulnerable trust you had that never let you question your next meal or hug. 

Remember some of your firsts... first tree climb... bike ride... time to the beach... 
Remember some of your favorites... Favorite blanket, toy, home, teacher, friend, swing...
Even if Malakai doesn't remember all of his firsts or even his favorites, I will. Share with me in one of these memories made... 
His first time bowling :)


  1. Love this! What a great way to remind adults to take a step back and remember what it was like to be little.
    Faith like a child... that is a tough one sometimes. I think as adults, we are a bit jaded with the world itself. We forget sometimes that God is BIGGER than all of it.
    Thanks for sharing this. :0)
    Found you through We Encourage. :0)

  2. Such a lovely post. I do remember and I want my kids to be just has pleased with their memories.

  3. :) Thanks for the comments ladies :) I think you are right about being jaded... Peace is found though when we remember that He is our Daddy and we can rest in Him as such :)

  4. this is truly beautiful. It is easy to forget! thanks for the reminder ;)


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