Friday, September 2, 2011

Embracing (the camera) Baby as an Accessory :)

Ava Lynn. I love this girl. She's just so stinkin cute!

 The past few days I have been wearing my girls a lot more. Not sure why but perhaps its the realization that they will all too soon be too big to be "worn" or possibly they have been a little more needy. Either way, I am enjoying it and taking full advantage :) Ava is just such a joy in my life. She makes me laugh and smile. She's goofy and cracks herself up all the time :) Peek-a-boo, grabbing glasses, biting, laughing and eating are some of her favorite things right now. She is silly and sneaking. She picks on her sister all. the. time. Her hands are constantly going for her Lilly's hair or clothes or whatever she can reach and she'll look at me with this mischievous adorable grin as if to distract me from what she is doing. Its all too much! Anyway, enjoy looking at my sweet girl ♥

So, are you ready to embrace the camera?
here's the nitty gritty:
1.  take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever.
2.  blog about that picture and include a link to our blog, or grab our button.
3.  link your blog post up on the link tool here (@ the anderson crew).
4.  visit the other embracers...give each other lots of compliments about how good we look with our greasy hair andsweatpants velour jogging suits on.  cause yah, we need a little boost when it's been days since our last shower.
5.  have fun!


  1. she is so full of facial expressions! i LOL'd at the top left one--so cute!

    glad you joined us this week!

  2. adorable!! What fun the little youngest was a colicky baby ( no joke he cried about 5 or 6 hours a day) and he loved the sling...praise


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