Friday, November 25, 2011

Can you Feel the Mountains Tremble?

Since be out of town, my resources/time have been limited. I promise when I get home, the photos will return :) Honestly, my phone hasn't had a full charge (or any charge for that matter) for about 3 days. Weird. Nice. Quiet.

This week has been especially needed family time because my brother is scheduled to leave for Marine basic training on Sunday. Never imagined him there but can see it as a good fit for him. My husband is in the military so I already have a heightened sensitivity to these things but this is my brother... yeah. I haven't cried. yet.

Leading up to him leaving today, we have spent more time talking, laughing and reminiscing these past couple of day more than we have in years. Some of it is captured in photos, some on video but most of it is just stored away in my mind. We sat around the fire and talked about all kinds of things... most of which does not belong on any blog. any where. haha... Looking out past the fire was darkness and the faint sounds of coyotes. As my eyes adjusted, the sky filled with more stars at one time than I had seen in a looooong time. The sky and stars are at the top of my list of favorite things about being in the country- especially at night. They are such a reminder of God's wonderful works in creation.

In addition to all the family time, my girls have continued to blossom more and more everyday. I have to say, it is such a joy to be sharing some of these milestone firsthand with our family that is usually so far away! Just over the past few days, the girls have learned so many new words! Added to their vocab: up, Tubby (my parent's dog), YEAH, hello (mostly Lilly), Malakai ("kkkkkkk-kai") and I'm pretty sure Ava is saying Lilly. They are both seeming very interested in walking but still working to get the coordination (in other words, not trying RUN). One of the girls was actually making car noises while she was pushing one of Malakai's trucks around. They both have teeth cutting through... which I believe is giving them some fits tonight :( Really, I enjoy this stage SO much! They give me so much joy every day and make me incredibly proud.

Home will be a welcome sight but I am very much being refilled and refreshed spending this time with my family.

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