Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Shouldn't Share This...

Wednesday morning was rough.

I worked all morning to get the kids out the door because as I mentioned here, we were being booted from out apartment for 3-4 hours with very little notice. I found some one to watch my son and I was taking the girls with me to the church to work. No one has had a nap, I forgot Malakai's coat and a change of clothes (potty training child), no cups for babies and only a couple of diapers... 


and thought I was already doing pretty poorly... and then...

As I mentioned, I was headed to work at church but I knew it wasn't quite lunch time and between having my kitchen in disarray and getting children out the door, I never ate breakfast. Arby's was on the way and they have a value menu so I headed there. I pull into the drive-thru and look at the menu. Something doesn't seem right but my brain just wasn't fully processing what I was looking at. I'm searching for the words, "value menu" and it is no where to be found. I think, "Huh? I suppose they have already gotten rid of their value menu." So I ask the girl and sure enough, no value menu. Okay, Okay, thats fine, I'll just get a roast beef and be fine with that. Again, I look at the menu and do not see a single roast beef or ham or anything familiar for that matter. I'm so confused as my eyes dart all over the board. I ask the girl, "Do you know longer carry roast beef?" She says in a typical fast food monotone, "No, we do not carry roast beef." I say, "Thank you" and drive off confused and bewildered at Arby's becoming a burger joint. I mean, they are known for their roast beef. Who wants Arby's sauce on a burger??? It just doesn't make any sense.

As I drive around the building, these thoughts stirring in my brain, I look up:

The Hardee's Star mocking me with his little cute annoying smile smirk. 

I was angry and embarrassed. I truly have lost it. My children have stolen all my brain cells. I hope they are happy. And smart. 

Arby's is attached to the gas station right next door. That's right people, I pulled into the wrong drive-thru. Not only did I pull into the wrong drive-thru but I didn't realize it... until I left. 

I thought Arby's became a burger joint. What?! That's ridiculous! 

I still can't believe it. 

Pray for me.


My family will thank you.


  1. Oh man! Sounds like a rough day, I hate those! And why is it that it all just seems to pile up on one day?!? Loved the drive-thru story, made me feel better about all my silly mix ups, I'm not alone! ;)

  2. Sarah, you are treading dangerous waters... You are starting to sound like mom. Soon, you wont be "The Sharpest Crayon On Top of the Totem Poll" anymore, and you will lose the child you are holding. And your children will never let you forget it either.

  3. Lizzy, its the sharpest BULB at the top of the totem poll. TSK!

    We laughed so much... and the whole "I hope they are happy. And smart." really does sound just like mom!

  4. I'm so proud right now!!! :0)
    My daughter is finally starting to sound very much like me!!! :0)
    I laughed so much I cried!!! :0)
    And remember, if you can, it doesn't get any better...

  5. I love you all so much :) Glad I could give you a good laugh :) and Mom, I'm proud, you figured out how to leave a comment :)


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