Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Common interest

What do nemo, cars, and vomit have in common?


Heading to west virginia, all these things have kept our sweet, car sick boy, occupied.

We took the "scenic route" of sorts to our destination. Travelling through all kinds of little coal mining towns had me wishing we could stop. I would have loved to take some photos! It's kind of neat to think about the fact that so many of the citizens in those town have something in common: coal. Whether they mine it or have a job because of those who mine it, they need it. This big black business keeps their little towns running and growing. For some it has tradition for others its just pay check but none can deny their need for it. It was sort of a random thought but an intresting one that one industry could be the sorce of so much revenue and commonality between people.

Tonight, I will leave you with my slight randomness and allow you to get back to your evening :-) leave me a comment to say hi and weigh in with your random thouht for this Tuesday :-)

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