Monday, November 14, 2011

Evidence of Grace

While this little moment didn't happen on a Monday, thinking about it makes this Monday totally & completely LOVELY!

As I busied myself in the kitchen making THIS cake for my girls' party, the girls were napping and Malakai was playing in his room. Just as I was finishing up getting the first cake in the oven, I heard the faint sounds of waking babes. A few minutes had passed (trying to get as much done before getting the busy bees out of their bed) and I headed to their room to get them up. As I rounded the corner, I could see that their brother had also heard them and took it upon himself to go in, turn the light on and climb in Lilly's bed (this happens pretty often). He loves to go in and say, "good morning" and talk to them when they wake up. It's sweet... but not nearly as sweet as what I happened upon this particular afternoon.

Not only had he climbed in her bed, but he sat down in the corner with her and was praying for her!


He had his eyes closed so he didn't even realize that I came in. I RAN to the other room to grab my phone, hoping to catch this on video so Michael could see it when he came home. I walked back in just in time to hear him say amen. This was our conversation following.
(I believe the beginning of the video is right about the time he said, "Amen.")

Without further ado...


  1. Wow, the loud screamy singing sounds just like his mommy when she was little! Only the words are much nicer. ;)

    It's wonderful see him so enthusiastically following the example you ate setting!!! What a blessing. :)

  2. AWE!! What a good big brother! I love how they switched passies.

  3. that is so sweet! and i love his song after


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