Friday, November 11, 2011

From The Bottom of My Heart

Veterans Day

Say a prayer of thankfulness as you walk freely in this country, thanks to the sacrifices made by many, many citizens of this wonderful Unites States. Were it not for their willingness to serve, this country would not exist as the free place that it is today.

Many times we picture veterans as old men talking war stories from WWII or Vietnam. The reality is this, my little brother doesn't remember our country before war. My little cousins and children were born into a country at war. We are surrounded by {young} men and woman that have sacrificed so much so that we may continue to live in a country where we are not afraid to fly in a plane, drink water from the faucet, or just go to work.

Say a special thank you to the men and women you know (and even those you don't) that have sacrificed time with their families. Say thank you to the men and women that have given their hearts and minds. Say thank you to the men and women that have sacrificed their physical being. Thank thank you for the men and woman that have given it all and made the ultimate sacrifice. These people are dads, mommas, grandparents, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins & friends...

A young man proudly signs his name on the dotted line. He's ready to serve. He's ready to die. He says goodbye to all he's known. He'll make new friends while longing for his home.

A momma waves, not knowing what her future holds. She's scared. She's proud. She prays, "God protect his soul." She'll wait and believe he'll come back whole.

A young lady says farewell to her husband. She's a momma. She makes him promise to be safe, reality of lonely nights set in. She'll make it work, refilling the oil in her lamp.

A husband, a dad, a son. He sits quietly watching the world pass by. They judge. He cries. Knowing his scars cannot be seen. 

A country comes together. She sees the sacrifice. She's thankful for the soldiers that give her people rights. "Let freedom ring" is on her lips. Her flag flies high and bright. She'll support them when their gone and love them when their home.

My heart and mind are overwhelmed with gratitude for these amazing veterans. Words really don't do it justice. So, from the bottom of my heart and beyond...


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