Wednesday, November 9, 2011

{Not So} Wordless Wednesday

Seriously, this world is chocked full of gifted, creative, inspiring people and the blogging community makes that world soooo much smaller. Many, many moments hours okay, maybe days have been spent reading, being inspired and encouraged through browsing this amazing community. Feelings of gratitude flood my heart for all the lovely people, especially the ladies, that have touched my heart. Most of them will never fully realize their impact but I am eternally thankful for the Lord using them in my life. 

That was just a little side note for today... back to regularly scheduled randomness that is my life/blogging :)

So yesterday, I mentioned that I managed to snap a couple of photos :)
4 down... 26 more to go... :) 

Meet this sweet lady
 I'll call her:


I realize that technically, these are not the best portraits
and I could make up a lot of excuses
 but it is what it is.
 The sun was disappearing and I didn't have a flash but 
I couldn't leave without capturing this sweet lady's face. 

She has identical twin girls only her's came about 30 years earlier than mine :)
She is now raising a family member's daughter and is a soon-to-be grandma.

 We all have pasts. Our pasts do not have to define us. 

I am always encouraged when I meet other twin parents. It seems there's a special bond between us. We get one another but we don't pity one another. We've experienced a miracle. We have seen first hand the absolute blessing and yet the undeniable craziness busyness twins bring to our lives.

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