Saturday, October 27, 2012

5 minute friday (on Saturday): VOICE

A Voice.

Everyone has one. Even those that can't physically speak, have a voice. Far too often I have allowed insecurity, lies and fear hold me back from using my own voice. I am learning that even when I don't think what I have to say matters, say it any way. Chances are, if I feel compelled to share it, someone needs to receive it.

So I'm learning. It is a process but I'm learning to use my voice. I'm learning that what I say does matter. Who, how & what matter as well. God has given me a specific sphere of influence and when I choose to be quiet- be still- and listen, I am able to use it for His glory.

Maybe you are like me. You think you're voice doesn't matter. No one care what you have to say. People will judge you harshly for having those thoughts or they might perceive that you are self righteous. Let me encourage you to push past those insecurities. Push past those lies. Push past your fear. Even if you're little. Even if you're big. Even if your voice is really, really quiet or really really loud. Even if you cannot speak at all. 

In the end you may bless someone. 

You might just bless yourself.

Use your voice.

Five Minute Friday


  1. I LOVE this! As soon as I saw the "use it" before the link jump to here I got so excited. Good words sister. I love that you write with humility, kindness, and with bold truth.

    1. wow, thank you :) So glad you came by :)


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