Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wednesday is usually an easy blog post to scoot through because I can always use the whole "wordless wednesday" deal but unfortunately, I've been a slacker and haven't taken many photos today or even this week. :( I guess I'll just have to write... 

In recent weeks, I have continually come back to this issue within my heart. I have this nagging "need" for things to be convenient for me. Whether it be my meals, my kids, my husband... whatever. If things aren't going my way or force me to get off my tush, I can feel the frustration rise up. The more I recognize it, the more sick I am becoming to this quality in myself. I mean, I know everyone is inherently selfish but if nothing else, I can see the Lord working on pruning this out of me. 

It is time to get intentional.

Intentional in my marriage. Look for way to bless my husband and serve him. I was reading in Ephesians the other day and asking myself, "how can I apply this calling to be my husband's helper?" The last note on a small list I made says this, "Ask him what his needs are." Profound, right? Now ask me if I've done it yet. Wait, scratch that, don't ask. Next on the list... DO IT! 

Intentional in my parenting. God has blessed me with the incredible responsibility of training up 3 little people. I struggle with gentleness. I struggle with patience. I struggle with a lot of things when it comes to this area. Worst of all, I get to see it all thrown right back in my face when they open their little mouths. It is humbling and has the potential to be extremely discouraging. There isn't an easy answer except to continue seeking His face. Continue seeking to know Him. To get out of my own way and up off my butt and be a parent. Just... DO IT!

So what does that look like? It looks like me getting up earlier than my kids (which happens at least a couple of times a week). It means setting aside time everyday. EVERYDAY to be in the Word. And praying constantly. Praying by myself. Praying with my kids. It means seeking out teaching moments and paying enough attention to recognize when they arise so I can take full advantage. It looks like me asking the Lord for wisdom that only he can give. Realizing that ultimately, my joy, peace, strength and everything good, comes from Him. 

Be intentional.
Receive grace.
Look forward.
Just do it.


  1. This is like a page out of my own book! I walked that path for too long (and I probably would have continued if it all didn't change dramatically almost 2 years ago!!) But thank God it did! So happy to see you fighting :) You're a great mom; there is a lot in you I see and want to emulate.

    1. Thanks Amanda :) You are an inspiration fueled, I know, by God's grace <3

  2. This is a lesson that we all are learning. The word that God has given me of late (hard to believe it)is dominion. God created us in His image to take dominion. We were not created to be to drift along with current of our circumstances. Unfortunately, when we try to be intentional and take dominion in our own strength, we are destined to wear out. After all, chasing after the wind is intentional, just not profitable. If only we could just yield our will to His, we could be intentional in His strength.
    I that know you know all this but, I thought that it was interesting that we are fighting the same battle.

    Love you Sweetie,


    1. Yes, I do know but it doesn't help to be reminded. Most of our issues stem from the prideful ambitions attempted in own strength in "His name". Love you!

  3. BTW ... I hate prooving that I am not a robot. I think that 'm' & 'n' & 'r' all look the same. Are these things case sensitive? Do I need to put a space?

    1. Yeah I didn't know that feature was activated... sorry :(


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