Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wordless-ish Wednesday

In September, the kids & I began meeting with a couple other moms/kids for a preschool co-op of sorts. Working on letters, learning to sit and a craft or two. We also decided that once a month we would do a field trip. First up was the firehouse! YAY! Malakai loves it so much and it a never ending source of questions. Seriously, every time he goes, you would think he'd never been before. SO funny!

I managed to capture a few photos of Jerry actually in a truck but unfortunately, the little guy avoided the trucks completely after one of the other 2 boys pushed the horn. In his defense, it scared all of us and Lilly cried. The few that I do have, were when he still (albeit reluctantly) believed us that NO ONE WILL BLOW THE HORN! Sorry, Jerry, we should have known... <3

Folks, I'd like you to meet Will Fireman Ray. He takes his job very seriously :)

photo #1

10 points if you can tell which one is Ava & which one is Lilly in these 2 photos :) 

Photo #2

Ava thought she was big stuff pushing Clara around in the stroller :)
Pushing the adults out of the way,
"I got it! I got it!"

Safety first, of course, as Malakai HAD to buckle his seatbelt! :)

He was proud to be squirting the water from this cool gadget!

These two boys are seriously 2 peas in pod. It's crazy!



to Fireman Gordo & 
the Oxford Volunteer Fire Department! 
The kids had such a blast!!!!


  1. AWESOMNESS.... is that a word, because if it's not, it is the ONLY way to describe the photos, Oxford VFD and Fireman Gordo<3


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