Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Peace Like a River

We live only a few hours south of where Sandy took out her fury. This hurricane was no joke. My heart aches for those that woke up to shambles rather than homes this morning. We were spared the catastrophic damage that many experienced yesterday and last night. I feel fortunate and broken. 

One of the things that amazes me with these storms is the calm that is left once they are gone. You look around and see the effects but the wind and rain are just gone. It's amazing. This morning my children needed to get out of the house so we drove around the area to see what Sandy left behind. I'm sure if we had left a little earlier in the morning there would have been more damage to document but honestly, it wasn't bad. Instead, I was able to get some beautiful fall photos as we drove down a rural road I've actually never been on before :)

When peace like a river

Attendeth my way

When sorrows like sea billows roll

Whatever my lot

Thou hast taught me to say

It is well

It is well

With my soul

Truly, let us keep those affected by this storm in our hearts and prayers. By all means, if you can reach out and help, do it. The Red Cross needs blood. With over 300 cancelled drives that account for over 9,000 units of blood/platelets, the need is great. My heart is heavy for those that have not only lost so much but are also spending their time rescuing and assisting citizens that are facing something they never imagined they would face. Let me encourage you to lift these people up in your prayers/


  1. These photos are beautiful. As I sit here in London, where we are hardly ever hit with earthquakes or hurricanes, I also have my heart in my throat thinking about all the devastation and FEAR happening right now. It makes me so sad. And I hope everyone is doing what they can to stay safe.

  2. Goodness. Glad you are safe. Beautiful pictures.


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