Thursday, October 18, 2012


I'm a little sad that I've spent the past 2.5 years growing my hair out and it seems to pretty much always end up in a messy bun. I noticed yesterday that it is starting to look pretty sad. That being said, I'm still okay with being in photos with my kiddos any day of the week :) Showered, unshowered. Brushed, messy, whatever. Wearing a winnie the pooh shirt... why not? Today, I'm embracing post (too short) nap babies. I'm embracing seasons. I'm embracing contentment. I'm embracing toys on the floor and a kitchen that I clean but it never seems clean. Today, I'm embracing little moments. Blessings from above. Oh and of course, adorable little boy costumes.

Y'all, I'm considering this adorable costume and small love note from Jesus. Malakai has been all over the place with deciding what to dress up as. His top pick was a witch, WHICH mama overrode. Next choice has varied between all of The Avengers. I was waiting to see what he would settle on (or at least pick most days) before attempting to fulfill his desire. Wouldn't you know, our apartment manger had costumes sitting in a closet just waiting to be adopted. Hanging right there, in his size (the only one his size) was Thor. Probably wasn't his first pick but he has fallen in love. He can't wait to get his hammer and is learning what it means to be blessed. He generously offered up a Buzz Lightyear costume (that was too small & he never wore) to donate for some other child to have. Fun times. I love how the Lord cares about even the little things.

I think she was bitter I managed to get a second photo with her face in it. Poor girl. But seriously, the hand is bigger than her head! :)


Lilly really wasn't into the whole photo op deal today. She avoided at all cost.

Good night, all!

so, have you ever joined us for embrace the camera?
if not, what's holding you back?
you do realize that your little people won't care what you look like, right?  they love you, even with those extra pounds---that greasy hair---those sweats that you never get out of.
they love you.
isn't that enough?
join us today, won't you?


  1. Love the Thor costume! So cool that you got it for free! I have no problem with my boys dressing up but paying $30 or more for a costume they'll wear once? No thanks!

    1. Exactly!!! It's craziness! The funny thing is, he keeps asking if he can wear it all the time. And he wore it to bed for his nap. :)


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