Sunday, October 14, 2012

I like him.

Due to my selfishness, my anniversary almost sucked. Thankfully, I realized my shortcomings and also have a good catch. Our celebrating was split up a bit but ultimately, we were able to spend some nice time together in honor of five years together in marriage. Friday night (after putting kids to bed) we had a nice dinner at home of: grilled steak, scallops & acorn squash. Michael discovered a new love in his life (aka: scallops). Let me tell you, I thank God for a man that has a gift for cooking food. Spoiled I am. 

Saturday, he was gone all day at drill ::sadface:: so the kids and I hung out at the farmers market & target. I love that my kids look forward to "market" every week and they eat lots of fresh, local food :) My sister, kindly, drove over (from a couple hours away) to keep me company and spend some time with the kids since we weren't sure when Daddy would be back. As it turned out, Michael was able to leave early from drill so my sister stayed with her niblings (including putting them to bed) so we could go out.... alone. To top it off, we had TWO other people OFFER to watch our kids so we would be able to go out. Talk about a God that blesses abundantly. I don't think words can express the appreciation we have for the willingness of our friends/family to be there for us. So sweet and incredibly meaningful. You all truly blessed us.

Thank goodness I was able to get over myself and be content with my circumstances. When it comes down to it, I love my husband. I wouldn't want to spend my time with anyone else. NO ONE else would put up with my crap. And he still enjoys coming home to me... even though I'm a jerk sometimes. I've got it good. 

And I like him. 
I really like him.

Photo Credit: In His Grace Photography


  1. Yay for time alone!! And for 5 years!!

  2. Woohoo for wonderful blessings! Hope it was abundantly wonderful!

    1. It was definitely abundantly wonderful. God is good :)


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