Thursday, October 11, 2012

pity party

I'm posting right now, only because of the obligation to the commitment I made for myself this month. Truthfully, I should be going to bed. I don't have much nice to say. I'm not looking forward to this weekend and I'm stewing over that a bit. I'm sure I'll be over it by... Monday? Anyway, I don't really have anything legit to complain about... just a bit of selfishness and disappointment. 

On a happy note, I got TWO free amazon mp3 downloads tonight which was a nice blessing. I was able to get a song I've been meaning to buy for FREE! Yep, awesomeness. If you want to do it, just click this link. It really does work! :) Free Amazon MP3 Download

Also, another happy thing from today (which I sadly didn't have a camera for)... the kids and I checked out a park in town that we'd never been to before. BONUS: it has a merry-go-round. How awesome is that? For some reason this particular playground reminded me of playgrounds from my childhood. Watching my kids gave me a glimpse of what my parents felt when I was as small. Sometimes it doesn't seem like enough time has passed to be watching my own children. Double BONUS: it was super easy to keep an eye on all 3 of my kiddos by myself. The other (super nice) park in town, has LOTS of blind spots and makes me nervous to go there without some help. 

Last but not least, some sweet moments from today... :)

And now, a not so sweet moment... :(

Clearly pissed that I took candy from her.
"How could mama do that?!"
"I was gonna share..."

Oh yes, throwing herself in the floor and making sure someone is watching.

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