Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Lately we have been in the throws of terrible two's. . .

 Ava is all about screaming and throwing herself in the floor. One word to describe her... drama. 

 Lilly is testing every boundary and climbs like a monkey on EVERYTHING. 

 Two infants was sweet and challenging. 

Two crawlers was fun and busy. 

Two walkers was lighter on my arms and extra busy. 

Two (almost) 2 year olds is hysterical, fun, busy, and EXHAUSTING. 


 To be honest, I am completely wiped right now. I also know that this season is just that, a season. And in all actuality, short. I have been given but a blink of an eye to assist in molding and training these little people. It may put a damper on my endurance to stay awake past 10 pm and get much alone time or even get a shower but it is worth it. They keep me on my toes and seeking the lord for wisdom more than ever. 

 So here I am at the end of the day still lacking for words and totally wiped. 

 To that I'll say... 


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