Friday, October 12, 2012

A Rehearsal

This day, 5 years ago, I was getting pretty anxious for the biggest event since my birth. I was just one day away from marrying my high school sweetheart. The day was filled with busyness. Lots of familiar faces gathered in one place to help us prepare. Such sweet people that served and sacrificed more than I could have known at the time.

I figured it would be nice to revisit and share some of the photos from our rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.

The boys :)

Father & son- aka: best man & groom :)

Practicing the entrance ;)

Two of them are cut out in the picture but these girls mean the world to me. I know that in 30 years, I will still know that these were the right women to have by my side.  *oh and everyone should have a bell girl in their wedding :)

2 of the kindest, godly, loving women I know. They made that rehearsal dinner amazing :)

These two men give me a glimpse of my man in a "few" years. 2 generations of loving, gentle, caring men.

My mother in-law did a beautiful job of decorating and preparing a wonderful dinner!

This super awesome couple provided sweet music & some fabulous dancing!

This sweet couple opened up their home for us to come eat, dance & have a great time!

Looking back makes me realize how much truly changes in five  short years. Babies in a sling are now in kindergarten, the awkward middle schooler is about to graduate high school, some are now married w/ kids. It is just amazing to think back and realize we had no idea how wonderful our life was going to become. no.i.dea. That night was stressful and emotional but lead up to one of the best promises I have ever made.


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    1. :) You always make me smile, Mama B <3

  2. So true! 5 years and so much can change:) Great pictures!

  3. Also, my hair looked AWESOME that color.


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