Friday, October 5, 2012

A Person

Today would be an easy day to gripe & complain because our family is coming down with a cold... or 4-5 colds. So instead, allow me to share some favorites.... :)

A favorite moment...

Malakai literally picked his nose. Showed me the treasure. And refused to dispose of said treasure b/c and I quote, "How did it get up there? It must have sneaked up there." & "Noooo, I LOVE my boogies." He then tried to reinsert it into his nose so he could save it  until after his nap. He said, "here, smell it. I know it smells weird but I love it." It was hysterical and ridiculous and such a boy moment.

Favorite accomplishment...

Today is Day 19 of the Lurong Paleo Challenge. This means, I am on day 19 of strict eating and working harder for my health than ever before. I have learned so much about myself. I have been forced to push through and remain disciplined. It has definitely spilled over into more of my life than just fitness... it has literally begun to reshape my mind. When I get tired or stressed or lazy, I am learning how to push through. The steps are small but each one means so much. In addition to seeing improvement in my own health and well-being, my husband is seeing incredible results. It is such an encouragement to hear how wonderful this has been for him. We may not be eating sugar and grains but we certainly aren't eating cardboard. Our food is good and I look forward to what the rest of this challenge holds for us :)

Probably topping the list for the week is this little milestone of Malakai's...

In case you are confused... 


Proud mommy moment :)

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